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About Dynameet

Dynameet is the application that allows you to train and practice your favorite sport with other people, anywhere in the world! Turn your workout into an opportunity to meet new friends, challenge yourself, achieve new goals and enjoy exclusive benefits!
Using Dynameet is simple and fun: in just a few steps you gain access to many new opportunities that will make your workout even more fun!


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Enter your details and tell Dynameet what your favorite sports are. Dynameet can suggest people, activities, events and other exclusive contents dedicated to you!


Explore Dynameet tips for you and find out what happens near you: people with similar interests, sports activities, training groups, instructors, courses and much more... all just a click away!

Workout… having fun!

Thanks to Dynameet you can find new friends, create groups, challenge others or invite them to train with you.Doing sports has never been so much fun!

Why choose Dynameet?

Training together is way more fun!
Training with new friends and being part of a group will help you to be more consistent, to accept small challenges and to reach new personal goals more easily!

Workout with new friends!

With Dynameet sports become Social!
Wherever in the world, find new training friends and share your passion for your favorite sport!

Find out what is happening near you

New sport mates, exclusive events and instructors only a click away!
Besides meeting new friends, on Dynameet you'll also have the opportunity to attend exclusive sport events, excursions and shows. You will also find experienced instructors to help you improve your skills!